with Diego Nuñez and Sons

We have great baby tarpon fishing during the winter season but because of the winds that normally increase as the day goes on our packages are based on half days of fishing(4hrs). If the day cooperates we can always extend the fishing time.

 The list of Fly Fishing equipment for Baby tarpon and snook in Rio Lagartos
9 ft rod -   # 8 to #10
WF floating line with a short belly ( Rio tropical outbound short)

Leaders no longer than 9 ft with a shock tippet in 52 to 60 LB.

Reel with a capacity of fly line + 100 yards of 20 LB. backing

Hook size 1/0 to 3/0

Poppers, Gurglers, Black death, Purple death, bait fish imitations in blue and white.


Fly Fishing Yucatan

We have two seasons for Baby Tarpon.The summer season begins in Mid May and continues till the end of September.  The winter season begins in October and continues through January. We do not fish baby tarpon in February,March or April. The weather in these months just does not cooperate for fly fishing.We do fish light tackle and do  trolling for other species during these these months.

Baby Tarpon

Tarpon Winter Season (Oct - January)

We do not fish baby tarpon in Feb,March and April  

Tarpon Summer Season (Giant and Baby Tarpon + other species)
The season begins May 15th and continues through September. The Giants arrive in late May and stay through September.

Baby Tarpon are plentiful here all year long. The weather conditions are best at this time of year for fly fishing. There is  less wind than in the winter season and we normally have good fishing conditions for 6 hrs of fishing daily
Cost per day  Tarpon Summer Season
395 usd -boat with two fishermen