One of the major Tarpon spawning areas is in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan. Every year the giant tarpon return around the end of May and stay as late as the of end  September.
Tackle and Equipment:

Giant tarpon: rod #12 with saltwater reel and 30-pound test backing with no less than 250 Intermediate and Sinking Line ( 400 to 450 grains).
Giant Tarpon Flies: Toad Tarpon, Seaducer and Decivers tied on hook #2/0 or #3/0. Red and black, olive and brown, violet and black, red and white.
Jack Crevalle, Cobia, etc: rod #10 with saltwater reel and 30-pound test backing. Intermediate line for tropical waters and sinking line (300/350 grains).
Jack flies: Clouser Minnow, Seaducer, Toad Tarpon, Decivers tied on hook #2/0. Red and white, red and yellow, brown
More gear suggestions

Big tarpon and jack cravelle
 9 ft rod  #12
 WF flyline tropical #12 with a sinking tip - 350 to 450 grains.
 Leaders no longer than 9 ft with a shock tippet  of 80LB.
 Reel with a capacity of fly line + 200 yards of 30 LB. backing and a smooth brake.
 Hook size 3/0  to 6/0
 Flies Black death, Purple death, bait fish imitations in blue and white.

We suggest a 4-night and 3 fishing day package minimum. However, as giant tarpon fishing depends on the weather (the wind) to a great extent, the best would be to stay for a week.
The fishing program begins very early in the morning (5.00 or 5.30 am) to make the most of the early hours of the day, when the sea is calm. At about 9 or 9.30, when the wind starts blowing more strongly, we continue fishing baby tarpon near the shore. If the wind is not very strong, we look for Jack and/or Cobia schools. At 13.00/ 13.30 hrs. we return to the harbor. 

For Barracuda:
9 ft rod - # 8 to #10
 WF floating line with a short belly ( Rio tropical outbound short)
 Leaders no longer than 9 fod with a wire tippet 30 Lb..
 Reel with a capasity of flyline + 150 yards of 20 LB. backing
 Hook size 1/0 to 3/0
 Needle fish imitations with a lot of flash in it. Colors are white, chartreuse, light green and light blue.

Giant tarpon fishing with Diego Nuñez in Rio Lagartos Yucatan

with Diego Nuñez and Sons

The 65 kilo Tarpon in the slide show was caught by Johan,a very experienced fly fisherman from Holland.This was Johan's first ever tarpon.The fight lasted nearly three hours as the fish was worked from nearly a mile offshore to the beach to land safely without injuring the fish.The fish was revived and released successfully.More photos of this catch.

  1. Giant Tarpon in Rio Lagartos

Below is a gallery with photos of many of the flies that have worked well here.

                         Giant Tarpon fishing in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan
All of the Tarpon  were caught fly fishing with Diego Nuñez in Rio Lagartos,
Yucatan. The season for the big Tarpon here is the end of May through September.The Tarpon return here every year in mid May to the warm food rich waters. We have seen pods of up to 50 giant tarpon.There is an abundant year round population of small tarpon here. The area of the best giant tarpon fishing is only 30 minutes from our pier and great baby tarpon fishing only minutes.   

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