Fly Fishing Yucatan

with Diego Nuñez and Sons

Light Tackle in Rio Lagartos ,Yucatan

Yucatan Tarpon Fly Fishing, Light Tackle,and much more in Rio Lagartos,Yucatan with Diego Nunez at "Rio Lagarto Adventures" 

Link to article in Trolleo Magazine about the variety of fishing in Rio Lagartos.(in Spanish) great photos!!

Migratory species are abundant( schooling fish)because of the passage of current from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribean.There is a large amount of plankton to feed the food chain here.The migratory fish are the reason that we are a world class fishing destination.

Baby Tarpon, Giant Tarpon, Snook , Ladyfish and Jacks are just some of                                         the possibilities here in Rio Lagartos.

Access to the open Gulf of Mexico is only 2 kilometers from the waterfront.Trolling, light tackle and fly fishing on the Gulf are all possible but more weather dependent.