Tarpon Summer Season (Giant and Baby Tarpon + other species)
The season begins May 15th and continues through September.

The Giants arrive in mid May and stay through September.

Baby Tarpon are plentiful here all year long. The weather conditions are best at this time of year for fly fishing.There is  less wind than in the winter season and we normally have good fishing conditions for 6 hrs of fishing daily

Cost per day  Tarpon Summer Season

395usd - 1 boat with two fishermen


Bone fishing on Arrecife Alacranes

 Trips are not yet scheduled for 2017  Please Ask!

We try to do two bone fishing trips to Alacranes each year.   ( June,July,August and Sept are the only months we can go.All the bone fishing trips to Alacranes are combined with Tarpon Fishing in Rio Lagartos.We need a minimum of 7 days and what makes the most sense is an 8-10 day package.This gives us the option of choosing the best and safest weather for the 4 or 5 day  trip to Alacranes.Before and after Alacranes we fish Giant Tarpon here in Rio Lagartos. 
This has worked well on the 6 trips I have made to Alacranes.To plan a trip months in advance just for Alacranes is almost impossible.
Bone fishing Alacranes. Email us with your group size and number of days and we will send a quote.
We use two boats to carry the fishermen and all the necessary food and gear(we provide all food and camping gear).

Seasonal Rates for Tarpon Fishing in Rio Lagartos


Tarpon Winter Season  

 295usd/(1/2 day) (two fishermen sharing a boat)If we decide to fish the afternoon  also we add 85usd 

The  prices below are  for 2 fisherman sharing a boat. We also have rooms at"Ria Maya Lodge & Restaurante"  )

with Diego Nuñez and Sons

Offshore and near shore light

tackle from Rio Lagartos


Near shore light tackle: Half day 4 hrs- 295 usd. for up to 4 fishermen
baby tarpon, Bararcuda, grouper, lady fish, sea trout, jack Cravelle, snappers, snook, Spanish macarel,.
Includes, soft drinks and purified water.( bait)

Offshore light tackle, trolling with a visit to the ship wreck and sink holes :
6 hrs- 395 usd.
Bararcuda, grouper, jack Cravelle, snappers, Spanish macarel, cobia, sail fish and tarpon.
Includes, soft drinks,snack,purified water and bai

Transportation to Rio Lagartos( Van pickup vs Rental car)
Pick up at the airport makes the most sense for groups of 4 or more fishing for a week or more   The cost for pick up and return is 600usd for groups.
For small groups (2-4) and short stays a rental car arranged in advance online from one of the car rental agencies makes more sense. Driving in the Yucatan is safe and easy on well maintained roads.Driving time to Rio Lagartos from Cancun is about 3 hrs.

Wind Guru a link to wind and weather conditions in Rio Lagartos

NOAA satelite weather link

Link to local tides

Tarpon Winter Season.

Our winter season is October,November,December and January. We do not fish the Baby Tarpon in Feb,March and April . The fish are here but the weather is normally  a negative  factor in these months.

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